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Riaan Cronje experience

Head coach, general manager: Riaan Cronje
CSA Level 3 coaching certificate

Level Three (Senior Skills Coach)

Whereas all the above-mentioned courses are conducted by the provinces, the Level III & IV programmes are the responsibility of the CSA office.

The affiliates annually nominate experienced and suitably qualified Level II coaches (revised 2005 course) to attend this particular course, while CSA reserves the right to invite or select individuals at its discretion to enable the nominees who have the necessary coaching experience to become competent provincial youth, academy and senior club coaches.

The 5-day, 34-hour course covers the technical/tactical aspects of the game and includes more advanced topics and principles of sport science and medicine. Emphasis is also placed on skill assessment methods to assist the coach with individual technique analysis, error detection and fault correction.

The theoretical assessment consists of a pre- and post-course assignment, a 2-hour written examination and an individual presentation during the course, while the practical evaluation comprises a video analysis section, a one-on-one as well as a group coaching session.

Play cricket for  –  32 years
Coaching players between 6-9 years of age:  –  13 years one on ones/ group sessions/ school teams
Coaching players between 10-13 years of age:  –  13 years
Coaching players between 14-18 years of age:  –  13 years
Coaching Girls cricket:  –  8 year
2011- 2016 (6 years)  –  Free State Girls under 19
2017  –  Free State under 13 girls team
2014- 2016 (2 years)  –   Free State women (ass Coach)
2016- 2017 ( 1 Year)  –  Free State boys under 15
2017- 2018 (1 year)  –  Free State under 15 boys Assistant Coach
2015- 2019 (4 years)  –  CSA Hub program Head coach
2018-2019 (1 year)  –  Head coach Deaf South Africa Cricket team
                                                                                    The deaf team did not win 1 match since 2005 and in the world cup in India held in Nov 2018 South Africa ended 3de beating Sri Lanka 2 times and lost in the super 3 Sri Lanka won the T20 world cup.
Coach developer: 4 years ( Presenting the level 1 coaching course and assess  –  The level 1 and 2 practical’s of coaches

Selector at the following levels:
Free State boys under 15
Free State Girls under 19
Free State women
Free State Girls under 13
Free State Boys under 13
Cricket South Africa deaf team 1 year
Fezile Dabi south team

Leon Cronje experience

Head of Finance and invoicing department
CSA Level 2 coach

Level Two (Intermediate Skills Coach)

To register for this course, a candidate must be 21 years of age and have held a revised Level I certificate (post 2005) for at least 12 months. This serves as an entry level for first-class cricketers and a holder of this certificate should be able to coach any school or junior club side with confidence. The course covers all aspects of coaching and various teaching methods, as well as practice organisation and planning.

A 3-week self-study period is followed by a 24-hour course (8 x 3-hour modules) while the overall evaluation consists of a pre-course assignment, two-hour theoretical exam and practical assessment. Candidate-coaches are required to conduct community coaching sessions that form part of their ‘work experience’.

Play cricket:  –  30 years
Was selected for:  –  Free State Rural Senior team presenting Free State at the CSA Rural week
Start coaching at Ri Ma Sports:  –   2014-2015 season
Coach Free State girls under 16 team:  –  2016- 2019
School level under 11:  –  2016 – 2019